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Entrerio includes user-friendly interface with a simple manual which includes illustrations with explanations. The system includes instructions for mobile application and additional devices, such as remote control and fingerprint reader as well.

With mobile application it is possible to use multiple combination of additional access devices - up to 20 remote controls can be used - 20 different PIN codes on the keyboard - 20 different fingerprints Devices can be used simultaneously, separate, or in multiple different combinations.

Simply download the app on your new mobile phone, login with existing account, and re-manage your account and keys.

The system includes two mechanical keys which allows you to unlock the door.

Entrerio can be used with different smart solutions but it requires creating new user interface by your service provider.

Auto lock feature is supported. You can enable it by switching lock mode from "Manual" to "Auto".


Fully charged battery will last for 3 months approximately which depends on frequency use. You will be notified to connect system on charger (included in package) or wireless charger (additional device) when battery is low. Battery charging last for 4 hour, and you will be notified about battery state on your mobile phone.

Device can be normal used while charging without any problems.

No! Device has to be charged with official charger due to voltage requirements. Using inappropriate chargers can damage Entrerio device, or your other devices.


This device can be easily installed on most existing doors. There's no need for any further door modifications and new wiring as this device is equipped with its own battery. Simply replace existing cylinder with a new one.

When purchasing the Entrerio system, you should enter size of the existing cylinder, as the cylinder size should correspond to the thickness of the door. Consider the shape of the key shield as it may require larger cylinder in case they are not flat.

The internal length ranges from 35mm and grows increment by 5mm. Outer dimensions are the same as for the normal mechanical cylinder. Please contact us for more details.

Please contact us for order details.

The system is suitable for outside doors, as long as the unit is at inside of the door.

Its possible. You just have to sign up multiple units via the same user account.

Mobile application

The digital key is actually a license stored in encrypted form in a user's mobile application that can lock or unlock the door lock.

There's no need for internet connection, since application is using bluetooth for door management.

Each lock has its own owner. The lock owner can purchase digital key packages within web shop. After the purchase, encrypted digital keys are created, which you can send to any recipient via mobile app. This system allows fully control over sharing and deletion of digital keys.

Simply download application on your new smart device, enter your access data, and re-manage your account and keys. Lost or stolen device will be automatically removed from system.

Off course, if they own supported mobile phone. Mobile application is free and can be downloaded through App Store or Play Store. The lock owner can send digital keys to all family members and to guests as well.

Mobile application is supported by devices with iOS 10.2 (or higher) and Android 4.4 (or higher).

The master digital key has no duration limit and it is suitable for family members, while the digital key for guests has expiration date which owner specifies in sending process.

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